Hope for Tomorrow

Many people have a heart for supporting students but for a variety of reasons have no bandwidth for mentoring. Be the One - HOPE  elevates financial contributors to the same status as mentors as we cultivate more opportunities for community engagement.



Developing sustainable funding & mentor recruitment/retention for BTO programs that are consistent with our mission of community engagement and which are scalable to other communities.



Grow community engagement by inspiring a culture of honor that sees and acknowledges acts of service and financial contribution.

We seek to elevate positive role models with recognition through gifting BTO-Hope shirts. Honoring is an act of gratitude and respect, that encourages more of the same behavior. What we focus on, we multiply.



Create a replicable fundraising formula as easy to understand as our mentoring formula.  Establish a community- wide culture of honor around our programs to encourage engagement by mentors and donors.  BTO Investors of Time and Money support the positive student outcomes we see in our program.