Be Encouraged – Mentoring helped Alan

Alan seemed to be getting off to a rough start. As a freshman who had just moved to Lynden, he missed a lot of school, didn’t turn in much work, and seemed a bit lost. Alan had a poor educational track record due to moving almost every year, virtually no study skills, and straight “F’s” in all his classes. Faculty encouraged Alan to consider having a mentor.

At first, he had no interest and didn’t think he needed anyone, but reluctantly agreed to give it a try. He felt a bit awkward meeting Brandon the first time, but quickly formed a strong connection with this enthusiastic and energetic mentor. As they continued to meet each week, Brandon helped him organize school work. He recognized Alan’s ability and praised him for what he did accomplish. They talked about life, family, future goals, and how Brandon pushes himself to do challenging things. Alan still missed way too much school and didn’t pass all his classes; however, he did earn some credits and had a taste of success with Brandon’s help.

“He motivated me to do better in school.” Alan says. “He tells me that I’m capable and challenges me to do better. He’s awesome. Everyone should have a mentor.”