Abby and Amy’s Story:

Abby heard about Be the One in her health class after she transferred to LHS from Bellingham. She didn’t know many people here and felt a bit lonely. She has a large, busy family, with lots of responsibilities at home. Having an adult to talk to that would really listen seemed like a good opportunity to Abby. Amy’s friendly demeanor and outgoing personality put her at ease quickly. Now they talk about everything, chatting and laughing in a comfortable friendship. Abby says, “I’m a very quiet person. Having her to talk to makes it easier to talk to other people; to get out of my box and be more outgoing.” She describes Amy as an excellent listener who really cares and understands her. Amy has helped her with schoolwork, getting caught up in her government class, and with getting her driver’s license. Abby likes how she feels included in Amy’s life, kind of like a daughter.