Our stories by students and their mentors proclaim why giving of our time is so vitally important.


“My Mentor actually cared about me. to me that was a really big deal.”

Ryan wasn’t sure that he wanted a mentor and felt a bit offended that someone else thought he needed support. Then he was introduced to his mentor who met him where he was and helped him find his purpose.


“If I didn't have her I wouldn't be as outgoing and happy as I am now.”

After losing her mother to breast cancer four days after her 13th birthday, Tori jumped at the opportunity to have a Be The One Mentor for extra support.  She met Connie early in her freshman year, and they have been together ever since.


“if it weren’t for my mentor, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.” 

Before Aranza had a mentor, she felt alone and empty. But now, Aranza has chance to be heard, the opportunity to grow and a place to belong. 


“Having Denny as my mentor has completely changed my life.” 

Alex found himself a deep hole and had little hope for a better life. He and his friends were into drugs and skipped school often. When asked if he wanted a mentor he thought, “finally”. As the result of having dedicated and caring mentors, Alex has now graduated and is going to college with hope for a brighter future.


“After only 6 weeks with my mentor I am now on track to graduate with my class.” 

Cheyenne never knew her dad. Her relationship with her mom was in a downward spiral and led to emotional and physical abuse. Hanging out with the wrong kinds of people, skipping curfew, and getting picked up by the police all were leading her down the wrong path. Her plan was to drop out this fall because she was not going to be able to graduate on time. Her mentoring relationship brought hope and positive transformation. Cheyenne is now on track to graduate with her class and is applying to college.


“It is a different relationship than with a teacher... ”

Tara is a student striving to be her best in high school. She is extremely involved with many clubs and very focused on going to a university. Her parents are amazing but she needed a little something extra to get guidance in applying for scholarships and colleges. Her mentor has been a constant support to Tara achieving her goals.


“now that I have a mentor I just feel like I have someone who will always be there and care about me and the decisions I make.”

Sky was having a hard time focusing in school and staying motivated to get her work done.  She hadn’t given much thought to going to college but because of her mentor’s influence, she applied herself to strive toward the goals she knew would make her life better. Sky will be graduating on time and has been accepted at several colleges.  Having a mentor has helped her reach for things she didn’t realize she wanted.


“J.T. is going to graduate with life skills. That’s the most important thing for a kid.”

As a scared freshman kid, J.T. wanted a man in his life to help him be a man. Phil has provided that direction by being a friend and giving him some tough love. Phil is committed to JT and will continue working alongside him to equip him with the life skills he needs not just to graduate from high school but to succeed in life. To Phil that’s the most important thing for a kid to have.

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Be a mentor. Get involved.

These stories represent changed lives—life-altering memories that are born when you get involved in a student's life. It's something that will change a student's life, and yours. 


“As a teacher, principal, and superintendent, I've seen how mentors can profoundly affect students' lives and, when integrated and leveraged by schools, can contribute to successful student outcomes.”

– Dr. Betty Molina Morgan –

2010 AASA ‘National Superintendent of the Year’